freedom's feisty flight
endless nights of air sirens
still ring from this grave
- jmw

Join the Haiku Chain!

Haiku are short poems of 3 lines. The first line must be five syllables, the next is seven, and the last five (5/7/5 form).

At least one of the lines should be about something in nature.

The next poem in the Haiku Chain should start with the last line of the previous one. That's what makes it a chain!

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gifts of daisy chains
postponed just waiting till spring
snow troublemaker
- @blackrose148
then future takes shape
patterns of hugs and kisses
gifts of daisy chains
- @amoz1939
narrow path will do
when thoughts seek not compromise
then future takes shape
- purush
in life and leisure
no, not the broad path, thank you
narrow path will do
- @amoz1939
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